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Corrosion Testing Supplies

Testing Solutions
Test Method ApplicationPrice
5% Salt Solution
$160.00/55 gal Drum
20% Salt Solution
ASTM C1503
$195.00/55 gal Drum
CASS Solution
ASTM B 368
$212.00/55 gal Drum
Deonized Water
ASTM D 1193, Type IV
$85.00/55 gal Drum
Complex Salt Solution
GM 9540P
$210.00/55 gal Drum
Complex Salt Solution
$210.00/55 gal Drum
Complex Salt Solution
SAE J 2334
$210.00/55 gal Drum
Acetic Salt Solution
ASTM G 85, Annex 1
$210.00/55 gal Drum
Acidified Synthetic Seawater
ASTM G85, Annex 3
$415.00/55 gal. Drum
Testing Supplies
Test Method Application
Sodium Chloride
ASTM B 117
$40.00 per 50 lb. bag
Scribe Tool - Handheld Carbide Tip
ASTM D 1654
$75.00 each
Fine Arizona Dust
SAE J 575, GM 9103P
$85.00/8 - 3.5 kg jar
Coarse Arizona Dust
SAE J 575, GM 9103P
$85.00/8 - 4.5 kg jar
Mass Loss Panels
Test Method Application
SAE 1008
ASTM B 117
$35.00 pkg of 10
AISI 1006 - 1010 Steel
GM9540P, SAE J2334
$25.00 pkg of 10 (1/16")
$40.00 pkg of 10 (1/8")
GMW14872 Coupons
$40.00 pkg 10 (1/8")
Nickel Panels
ASTM B 368
$95.00 pkg of 4
Test Panel Trays
$33.00 each

Mass Loss Holder
10 Hole - 15 deg angle

GM9540P, SAE J2334
$80.00 each

Drums can be shipped Prepaid and added to the invoice or Freight Collect via the motor carrier of your choice. Other items are shipped UPS prepaid and added to the invoice.

The shipping weight for the 20% salt solution is 530 lbs. per drum. All other drums listed above ship at 500 lbs.

Unless otherwise specified, all of the drums are 24”x24”x36” plastic drums.

*Note: Prices are subject to change without notice

55 gal drum
salt bags
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